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Pricing is based on the number of users taking part in assessments. 
This should normally match the size of your IT / technology teams.

Single Use

Annual Subscription

12 months access

Set targets and track progress

Compare assessment results over time

< 20 users

£4,500 / year

21 - 50 users

£7,500 / year

51 - 100 users

£11,250 / year

100+ users

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Single Use

3 months access

One-off baseline measurement of your IT performance

< 20 users


21 - 50 users


51 - 100 users


100+ users

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Money back guarantee

Buy with confidence. If you’re not entirely satisfied for any reason, we offer a full refund on license costs within 14 days of purchase.

Professional Services

We also offer advisory services on a day-rate basis.

Assessment Scoping

Design, position and roll out assessments based on your individual needs.

Improvement Planning

Shape practical improvement plans, including next steps, effort and cost sizing, resource planning, quick wins and strategic priorities.

Stakeholder Buy-in

Whether at C-level or below, we can help make a compelling case for change that increases stakeholder support and engagement.

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