1. Design Scope

Choose the categories, depth and breadth of your assessment. Run a quick health check, go deep on particular topics, or vary the details for different teams - you decide.

2. Run assessment

Get feedback from the whole team with fast, easy self-service. Have confidence in your results with built-in data quality and consensus metrics.

3. Analyse results

Explore your results with interactive reports to highlight areas for improvement. Two dimensional drill-down: company, department and team by category, topic or individual question details. Directly compare teams to identify opportunities for knowledge sharing or broader capability gaps.

4. Plan and improve

Paradino offers a structured approach to improvement based on maturity levels and practice impact. Set your maturity target and instantly see recommendations for each team to get there. Recommendations are clear, actionable and validated by years of real-world expert experience - everything you need to help scope and budget your transformation project.